Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Katers, Katie Bugs, Buggy Toots, Buggy Boots, Punkin Poots, Missy Pea Pants, Toots,

Moots, Moodies, Bossy Boots, Punkin Head, Peasy, Matoots, Skwiddo, Boogas,
Buggaboos, Katertoots, Lovebug, Sweetpea, Moochie, Muchas Muchas, Blue Eyes,

Gorgeous, Lalas, Smoochie, Nanoots, Noots, Doots, My Baby, Scooter, Mugwump, Goobahs, Scubah Doobah, Lazy Daisy, Hoobie Scoobie, Goofy Toots, Lovie Buggie, Honey Bear....

Sometimes I think it's amazing that Katie knows her name... I come from a family who gives everyone and everything nicknames. Silly and cute, nonsensical... I must have a million variations. Still she knows me, and knows my voice. When I walk into a room and start to speak, she turns to me and smiles. She completes me.