Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple Festival Fun

Today we went out and about for the Apple Festival going on this month.
Weekends at the Bluff are a crazy, colorful, tasty blend of kids and old folks out to enjoy the local bounty.
We picked some apples at our favorite Mom & Pop orchard...

Miss Katie being silly in the orchard
We started to go to the Grange Hall for a look at all the crafty holiday decorations.... but there was a gaggle of geriatrics in the doorway who couldn't decide if they were coming in or going out, and I decided I didn't have the patience to wait to see. (nothing against their age, I do have issues with people who are oblivious to those around them but since they were elderly I didn't feel it was appropriate to get on their case...
so we just skipped that venue)
Katie got a big kick out of observing the petting zoo!
She loves watching the little pony, pigmy goats, and calf grazing and ignoring the people around them.
I would have liked to take her in, but she's not much for actually touching animals
except on rare days when she pets our kitty....
Beautiful empire apples waiting to be picked...
We were so worn out from the beautiful weather, fun views, and orchard hiking!
Little Miss Doots took a looonnnnng nap when we got home! (so did Mama...shhhh!)
We got a ton of apples, fresh plums, squash, and apple cider fresh from the orchard..... What a wonderful day. I love this time of year! Can't wait to break out all of my apple recipes and see what I feel inspired to create!

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